Your roles!





1. Sea shepherd 3:

Héloïse, Laura, Alexandre L.

2. NGO Think Global Green and renewable energy sources  1

Amélie (géothermie)

3. The Condor and the Eagle activists against tar sands 4

Melina Laboucan-Massimo Caroline / Casey Camp-Horinek Emilie Siau

Bryan Parras Nicolas S. / Ta’Kaiya Blaney Emilie L.


1. Practical Action : 2 students Marie Marion

2- Fairtrade (1) Johanna

3. WWF and endangered species : max. 9 students Erinna, Camille, Florian, Paul Juliette, Andréa, Pauline, Manon et Jessie Legoff

Against Fairtrade (1) Kendra


1. Canadian Natural company : 4 students

Téophile, Yannis, François, Hugo H.

2. Monsanto : 4 students

Thomas, Jim, Magali, Marie

Independent film makers

Clément and Sophie Guerra Sébastien Méwan


1. Travel agency : 1 students



1. Anti GMO : 3 students / vs Monsanto’s team Quentin, Anaïs, Coline,


Alberta’s politicians 3 students

Brieuc, Danish, Josué


Koch brothers 2 students

Alexandre R, Hugo L.


Leonardo Di Caprio

(environmental causes)


Daniel Craig Alexandre M.

Mark Ruffalo Against hydrofracking Alexis

Robert redford and Neil Young Manon B, Nikita, Camille MH

Ian Somerhalde (rainforest) ?

Marion Cotillard Marine

Prince William & Harry (rainforest) Romain Antoine


You are Daniel Craig!

The Take Off – Independent film makers project & cast of activists


You are Clément and Sophie Guerra, French and German filmmakers/Community Organizers with backgrounds in sociology and health. You took-off in April 2014 from Austria on a trip that will take you to 6 countries: USA, Canada, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina. During this 18 month trip you are creating a documentary film to explore the available solutions to the many impacts of industry’s expansion of “extreme” crude oil on global and regional ecology and on the welfare of indigenous communities.

You are Melina Laboucan-Massimo


Stands against the tar sands expansion projects.

Melina grew up in a small northern isolated Cree community in Canada’s tar sands region. A devastating oil leak hit her community and polluted their territory. She consequently decided to become a full-time activist. Melina started travelling throughout the world in order to alert the public and raise awareness to the disastrous consequences of the tar sands mega projects and the associated existing and planned pipeline routes.Her sister got murdered only a year ago. Beside her environmental work, Melina got involved into denouncing Canadian government’s apathy towards the massive number of missing and murdered Indigenous women. “Violence against Mother Earth is violence against women, the two are inextricably linked” says Melina.

You are Casey Camp-Horinek


You stands against the KXL pipeline connecting the Alberta tar sands to Houston, Texas – crossing your territory.

Casey Camp-Horinek (Ponca) is a long-time native rights activist, environmentalist and actress. Camp-Horinek helps maintain the cultural identity of the Ponca Nation of Oklahoma for herself, her family and her community. She has been at the forefront of grassroots communities’ efforts to educate and empower both Native and non-Native community members on environmental and civil rights issues. In April 2008 Camp-Horinek, as a delegate of the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN), was chosen to speak to the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and present IEN’s global platform regarding the environment and native rights. Most recently, she was empowered to be a first nation spokesperson against the KXL pipeline that would link the Canadian Tar sands with the state of Texas, USA.

You are Bryan Parras Bryan_Parras

You stand against the refineries that aim to refine the tar sands if the KXL pipeline is permitted.

Bryan Parras is one of the Gulf Coast’s most dynamic activists fighting for social and environmental justice issues up and down the I-10 corridor, which spans the continental United States. Bryan is the Media/Youth Empowerment Coordinator of TEJAS (Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services), an advisor for the Gulf Coast Fund, and a regular contributor to Bridge the Gulf. Growing up in a fence line community, on the East side of Houston, near one of largest concentrated areas of petrochemical plants in the Gulf south, Bryan is deeply involved with organizing marginalized communities to confront environmental racism in the sacrifice zones of Houston and the greater Gulf Coast region. He is currently raising awareness around the potential harms and environmental effects of the KXL tar sands pipeline and he is reaching out to communities that have been greatly affected by the BP oil disaster along the Gulf Coast as an outreach coordinator for the Gulf Study.

You are Ta’Kaiya Blaney


You stand against the pipeline projects (Northern Gateway and Kinder Morgan) aiming to transport the tar sands from Alberta to the pacific coast.

Ta’Kaiya, often called the “genius kid,” is an environmental activist and a professional singer (she writes her ownsongs). Her name means “special waters”. She travels all over the world, blowing the whistles about the risks to Canada’s west coast (British Columbia), its waters and its biodiversity due to the massive tar sands development projects. In fact, Canada aims to transport crude oil from Alberta to the pacific coast via pipelines and then all the way to China via tankers.

“The question is not if but when the next spill will be” Ta’Kaiya says. She is home-schooled and spends most of her time taking part in major events or working with schools. She is also in the process of creating her own organization aiming to establish a marine sanctuary, promoting an educational approach for the youth — “Igniting youth to restore and protect the Salish sea through the training, leadership and mentorship of first nations youth cultural ambassadors”. (see

KOCH Brothers

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 09.37.06You are the Koch Brothers. You think Climate Change is a hoax. You defend the interest of oil producing companies.  You are two industrialists and businessmen most notable for your control of the second largest privately owned company in the United States (with 2013 revenues of $115 billion).The family business was started by Fred C. Koch, who developed a new cracking method for the refinement of heavy oil into gasoline.

The Koch brothers have played an active role in opposing climate change legislation. According to the environmentalist group Greenpeace, organizations that the Koch brothers help fund such as Americans for Prosperity, the Heritage Foundation, the Cato institute, and the Manhattan Institute have been active in questioning global warming. Through Americans for Prosperity, the Koch brothers influenced more than 400 members of Congress to sign a pledge to vote against climate change legislation that does not include equivalent tax cuts.

The volume of Koch Industries’ toxic output is staggering. According to the University of Massachusetts Amherst’s Political Economy Research Institute, only three companies rank among the top 30 polluters of America’s air, water and climate: ExxonMobil, American Electric Power and Koch Industries. Thanks in part to its 2005 purchase of paper-mill giant Georgia-Pacific, Koch Industries dumps more pollutants into the nation’s waterways than General Electric and International Paper combined. The company ranks 13th in the nation for toxic air pollution. Koch’s climate pollution, meanwhile, outpaces oil giants including Valero, Chevron and Shell. Across its businesses, Koch generates 24 million metric tons of greenhouse gases a year.

Stars for the environment!



You are Leonardo DiCaprio Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 20.52.18You co-wrote, produced and narrated the global warming documentary The 11th Hour and his eponymous foundation lobbies for a number of environmental causes including access to clean water, renewable energy and forest preservation.


Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 20.51.33

You are Mark Ruffalo you are against horizontal hydraulic fracturing (hydrofracking), a process wherein millions of gallons of water and chemicals are injected into the shale. He co-founded to educate the public about fracking.


You are Robert Redford and Neil Young against tar sands in Alberta


Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 20.34.33

You are Ian Somerhalde, you have founded The Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) is a non-profit organization which tackles things like teaching kids about renewable energy, saving animals, and of course, our very special and highly endangered Rainforests.


You are Marion Cotillard.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 20.39.41

You made your web documentary debut when you traveled to the Congo with Greenpeace in order to raise awareness about the Rainforests. The 7-episode series alerted viewers about the incessant plundering of the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s rainforests, exposing how logging companies illegally (and unfairly) trade large scale amounts of timber with the locals, cheating them out of much needed resources “in exchange for a few bags of salt.”

Marion witnessed the unfair practices, noting that the wood is often times sold for a high price, but those who work hard and risk their lives to produce the resource are paid less than a dollar a day.


You are Prince Charles.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 20.42.37

Possibly one of the world’s biggest advocates for the protection of the Rainforest, The Prince’s Rainforest Project (PRP), started in 2007, holds the motto “Working to make the forests worth more alive than dead.”

Prince Charles hopes to make deforestation a thing of the past by putting a stop to the harsh practice, as well as enlighten communities on how they too can be apart of the movement by using safer, productive alternatives, and help spread the awareness.

Travel Agency

You are the 2 directors of a famous Travel Agency : Cairns and Great Barrier Reef settled in Cairns, Australia.
You proposes a new journey around the Great Barrier Reef which you will describe with numerous attractive retails including accommodation and activities to do in the surrounding area, especially the discovery of the marine wildlife with scuba diving.